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ZUMBA FITNESS RUSH Screens and Pre-Order Bonuses

Zumba Fitness RUSH final North American coverMajesco has a hit on its hands with Zumba Fitness and Zumba Fitness 2 for the Nintendo Wii. But what about everyone else?

The hottest selling fitness/dance title for the Wii is coming to the Xbox 360 Kinect in 2012 with some new features.

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ZUMBA FITNESS RUSH Behind the Scenes Trailer


Zumba Fitness RUSH final North American coverZumba Fitness RUSH is the Kinect port of the phenomenally successful Zumba Fitness franchise, previously exclusive to the Nintendo Wii.

Now, Majesco is porting both Wii games onto the Xbox 360 with Kinect controls, online support, and post-launch DLC. Typically, dance and fitness games are better suited for the Kinect than the Wii, since players can’t cheat. It will be interesting to see if RUSH will work as well as Dance Central 2 and if the previous Wii entries have been given a graphical update to match the HD system.

Look for Zumba Fitness RUSH for the Xbox 360’s Kinect in February of this year.


Zumba Fitness Rush logoFinally, Majesco Entertainment’s Zumba Fitness franchise is coming to the Xbox 360’s Kinect, where it belongs. After becoming the best-selling fitness game on the market, most of what you know about Zumba Fitness and its sequels is bundled in Rush exclusively for the Kinect. And we have the first screens!

Launching in February, Zumba Fitness Rush will feature 42 songs and routines, including 10 Kinect exclusives. The game features several dance styles and all of the previous instructors from the previous games. Best of all, since it uses the Kinect, players can’t cheat by wiggling the Wiimote (I did that at a party once and beat the “real” dancers). If you’ve upgraded to a Kinect, it’s time to put away Zumba Fitness and upgrade to Zumba Fitness Rush.

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