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New Unreal Engine will be “Shocking” …ly Good

Unreal Engine 4

Mark Rein, Vice President at Epic Games, has recently revealed that Unreal Engine 4 will be made available in 2012, and had quite the air of confidence about it. Read the rest of this entry


Xbox 720 to feature ‘Touchscreen’ Controller

It's only 23.87 inches from end to end, no worries. Wait, what?

As if we didn’t have enough hi-definition and up-to-date gadgets in the world already! I am not joking, I saw a commercial in Florida a couple of years ago that offered wall paint, like for a house, that came in hi-def colors. WOW! I can actually paint my house now, thanks for the relief. At least sales should be good for the overpriced paint, right?

Read the rest of this entry

Next Xbox May Not Allow Used Games; Blu-Ray and New Kinect Rumored

xbox 720, microsoft, xbox 360, xbox

Microsoft's new console could contain a huge slap in the face to consumers.

A credible source has informed Kotaku of even further details about the rumored Xbox 720.

According to what is being called a “credible source”, Microsoft will be hopping on board with the Blu-Ray wave, as well as launching a new version of the Kinect along with the console release. Read the rest of this entry

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