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JAM Live Music Arcade logoThe power to make music will soon be in your hands.

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Chaseme Digital Weekly!

What’s new in the digital world of gaming? I will tell you what’s new in digital gaming! GRRRRRR!
I’m normal now, promise.

Ubisoft’s stunning sandbox god-game “From Dust” is 67% off the original price for download on Steam! Offer ends on the 26th though, so jump on it. Honestly, you can move the elements around in this game, just buy it for full price if you don’t catch the deal. I absolutely love this very original Arcade title.

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Sine Mora logoA month and a half ago, we introduced you to Sine Mora, the XBLA exclusive that takes a new look at the shmup franchise. Co-developed by Digital Reality and Grasshoper Manufacturer and published by Microsoft, this game brings players into a steam punk world of third-person bullet hell. Check out the new trailer below.

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TRINE 2 Review

Trine 2 logo

BLOODRAYNE: BETRAYAL Gets Temporary Price Cut on XBLA

BloodRayne: Betrayal logoAs part of XBLA’s countdown to 2012, BloodRayne: Betrayal will be available for 50% off. The sale runs from now until Jan. 2.

In BloodRayne: Betrayal, the sexiest bloodsucker to hit consoles must invade a castle, ripping through hordes of other vampires and monsters. The game feels like a 90’s action beat-’em-up with huge boss fights and slews of repeating baddies. The game plays with lighting elements and gives players a score at the end of each stage.

For fans of the BloodRayne series, this will intrigue and impress by its unique spin on the franchise. And for 50% off, it’s well worth checking out!

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