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GameTaffy NewShow – God of War 4, Vita, DOTA

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IMHO: Delay of Game

The wait for a hotly anticipated title can, in the best of circumstances, be likened to eating at a fine restaurant. The wait itself isn’t that bad; after all, you have all of those delectable appetizers/other games to enjoy while you sit in the comfort of that $9,500 armchair. The waiter is absolutely pleasant, offering you updates on your meal as you sit and talk with your significant other/business associate/the nice folks at the table next to yours because you often eat out alone like me. Read the rest of this entry

Steam App to be Released


Valve has announced that a Steam app is scheduled for release on mobile Android and iOS devices.  The creation of the app is in response to fans’ requests to have access to what is happening on Steam on the go.  The app allows users to see what is happening on Steam anytime, anywhere.  Users can see who is online and what they are playing as well as browse games, chat with friends, and check out the latest media.

Steam is the leading distributor of digital media, supplying the majority of digital downloads on the internet.  The most popular feature of Steam is the unbeatable sale prices on hot games.  The ability to monitor the deals on the new mobile app gives fans the ability to snag sales while they’re hot.

The app is currently available in open Beta and can be downloaded free on the Android Market or the App store.

MASS EFFECT 3 to Be Origin Exclusive

Mass Effect 3 logoEA has not backed out of the digital distribution race, even though Steam is clearly the leader at this point. Despite shaky working relations with Valve in 2011 (which both companies claimed had been cleared up), EA has stated that Valve’s publishing policies make distribution of additional content and contact with consumers too difficult.

It’s the same song and dance that gamers have heard ever since EA started placing such heavy influence on its proprietary Origin service. And gamers surprised that EA will not be bringing this title to Steam need to pull their heads out of the dirt.

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Sorry, Half-Life 3 Is Not Coming

Half-Life 3 Gordon Freeman logoDuring the past two weeks, Twitter has been blowing up with news about Half-Life 3, complete with “legitimate” logos like the one above.

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