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IMHO: Mods – giving the tools to the user

Hmm...yes. Indeed. Modders created us...let us say hoorah! Hmm Yes Indeed. Hoorah!

A new story that came out Wednesday on PC Gamer shows some new mods that have been added to Skyrim through the Steam Workshop.  These mods range from useful and clever to funny and some are just downright weird.  There are some crabs with top hats and monocles, some very useful spells, and even a spider that looks like Spiderman! That thing was creeeepy. Read the rest of this entry


Steam App to be Released


Valve has announced that a Steam app is scheduled for release on mobile Android and iOS devices.  The creation of the app is in response to fans’ requests to have access to what is happening on Steam on the go.  The app allows users to see what is happening on Steam anytime, anywhere.  Users can see who is online and what they are playing as well as browse games, chat with friends, and check out the latest media.

Steam is the leading distributor of digital media, supplying the majority of digital downloads on the internet.  The most popular feature of Steam is the unbeatable sale prices on hot games.  The ability to monitor the deals on the new mobile app gives fans the ability to snag sales while they’re hot.

The app is currently available in open Beta and can be downloaded free on the Android Market or the App store.

Oil Rush: Tower Defense Naval Warfare

As you can see in this image, water and unit textures in Oil Rush are gorgeous.

If you haven’t ever heard about Unigine, you probably aren’t the only one. Unigine is both a game developer and a game engine developer. To be exact, they created the new Unigine game engine. In order to show off just what the new engine is capable of (OK, I’ll stop with all the ‘gine words), the company developed Oil Rush. Read the rest of this entry

MASS EFFECT 3 to Be Origin Exclusive

Mass Effect 3 logoEA has not backed out of the digital distribution race, even though Steam is clearly the leader at this point. Despite shaky working relations with Valve in 2011 (which both companies claimed had been cleared up), EA has stated that Valve’s publishing policies make distribution of additional content and contact with consumers too difficult.

It’s the same song and dance that gamers have heard ever since EA started placing such heavy influence on its proprietary Origin service. And gamers surprised that EA will not be bringing this title to Steam need to pull their heads out of the dirt.

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Digital Downloads: Team Steam or Team Origin?

The ability to download PC games directly from the internet isn’t all that new a concept for gamers or even for any type of program for computers, but this year download clients such as Steam and Origin have exploded in popularity with gamers. With that in mind, let’s see which one is considered the best right now, in popular opinion as well as your favorite download client.

SteamSteam image

Steam is pretty much the oldest download client out there right now.  Released from Valve in 2002, Steam was originally intended to be used as a simpler way to update and patch PC games.  By 2007 Steam became huge as it offered full games to download without the use of CD’s.

Nowadays, Steam is pretty much the biggest download client out there.  It offers tons of games, both old and new, from major developers to independent developers.  That is one of three reasons Steam is so awesome.  Someone just looking for a random game can search and find all kinds of games from any developer, which helps those developers get noticed better than anywhere else.

Another of Steam’s graces is the constant deals that are going on.  Steam offers discounts for games all the time, from midweek deals to seasonal deals.  I was able to get Dead Island from Steam during the Halloween promotions, not at a huge discount, but enough that I was enticed to finally buy the game.  This is another way for indie developers to get noticed is to offer all of their games in a bundle deal.  No one could really say buying 5 or more games for $10 or $20 isn’t worth the price.

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