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True Crime: Hong Kong renamed SLEEPING DOGS

Sleeping Dogs logo whiteSleeping Dogs screen 3 Wei Chen hostageMany fans were hurt when True Crime: Hong Kong vanished into thin air. Fortunately, Square Enix announced today that it would be publishing the game under the new title Sleeping Dogs.

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ARMY CORPS OF HELL Multiplayer Trailer

Army Corps of Hell red logoArmy Corps of Hell hits the PlayStation Vita on Feb. 22. Here’s a new multiplayer trailer to get you excited for the new peripheral and this new action/RTS!

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Final Fantasy X white logoDespite initially announcing that Final Fantasy X HD for the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita would be an HD remake, Shinji Hashimoto announced at the Taipei Game Show, “The game is being developed like a high-definition remaster, but the visuals will look much better compared to the original.”

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Chrono What?

Chrono Trigger was beautiful. This image brings back memories.

While it’s sad that we may never see another installment in the Chrono series (Squeenix needs to wake up and realize the money potential of many older franchises), there is plenty of fan work to enjoy. Read the rest of this entry

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