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David Jaffe Sold Out

EDITORIAL NOTE (1.30.12) – Since writing this, we have apologized to David Jaffe, both on this site and through Twitter. However, this article will remain live to serve as an example of what not to do. Name calling is not the way to get a message heard or to encourage intelligent and mature conversation. This article was meant to be an editorial opinion about the Online Pass and instead resorted to name-calling to push a point. GameTaffy will continue to report on the Online Pass debate and looks forward to your continued support as a reader.

Twisted Metal Sweet Tooth PS3

NOTE: This was meant to appear in the WSU Signpost, but as there was no space in the paper, it was left out. Therefore, GameTaffy publishes the article for your reading pleasure!

For the past year and a half of its existence, the Online Pass has been a topic of debate amongst gamers, retailers, and game creators. Unfortunately, the majority of consumers are completely unaware of it.

As has been said on the Show on KWCR 88.1 Weber FM repeatedly for the past year, the biggest problem with the Online Pass is the lack of consumer knowledge.

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Sony’s Biggest Hurdles

polevault zombieIn review of 2011, Sony had an okay year among core gamers. The PS3 came out with several exclusive titles that were a success in the market, but Sony has a few problems. So what hurdles keep Sony from hitting the success that other companies have made?

The only people who seem to be interested in Sony’s products are core gamers because there just isn’t anything that has been released that even applies to a broader audience other than LittleBigPlanet. Sony has outlined their plans for hitting a younger audience beginning early 2012, but releasing something for the Move or a few kid’s games isn’t going to be enough.  Xbox and Wii equipment have already ensured that. Those two companies already possess a popularity that the Move will never achieve. What Sony needs is something exclusive and original. Wii gave us the motion control, so forget that.  Microsoft gave us the Kinect, so forget that too. Sony needs to give consumers something they can’t get anywhere else and something that works.

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PSN’s Top Indie Title for 2011

limboLimbo pulled in the most sales on the Playstation network in 2011 for Indie titles.  Limbo is a 2D sidescroller with a very unique color scheme; it has none!  The player wakes up as a young boy in a dark world without color.  It turns out the boy is in a state of Limbo, and escape is essential, as Limbo is a dangerous and gruesome place!

Sony just released a list of all the top selling 3rd and 1st party titles.

Top 3 Indie titles:

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Ico Dev. Leaves Sony


Rumors have been floating around for the last fortnite (heh heh) of Ico creator’s Fumito Ueda’s departure from Sony.  Those rumors are confirmed today.  Ueda has been working for Read the rest of this entry

Twisted Metal’s David Jaffe for President!

Twisted has a stiff perspective when it comes to sales gimmicks that take advantage of gamers.  We’ve even sent complaints to the FTC about cheap tactics that companies have used to squeeze a buck out of consumers.  So it was extremely refreshing to hear news from the creator of PS3’s upcoming Twisted Metal game.

Being a primarily multiplayer-focused game, the online pass could potentially harm Twisted Metal, and the game’s creator, David Jaffe stated that he would like to minimize the barriers to getting gamers online as much as possible.  He even mentioned that he wouldn’t Read the rest of this entry

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