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Someone Make This: College-Based Educational Games

Math Blaster

I didn't understand division until Math Blasters

Educational games have been a part of the interactive entertainment industry for as long as I can remember. Unfortunately, a vast majority of educational games were intensely boring.

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Someone Make This: This Vs That

Too Many Choices

When the wife says, "Pick up a salad," I panic.

Earlier this week, my wife took me shopping with her, and I got all sorts of patriotic. As Americans, we get to enjoy plethora choices of various goods.

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Someone Make This: The Action Music Video

Revolution X flyer with Aerosmith

Rock and roll and video games just works.

Rhythm-based games have seen an interesting evolution in the past ten years. From hitting buttons in rhythm to make PaRappa the Rapper rap, to jumping on plastic floorpads with Dance Dance Revolution, to mashing buttons on plastic guitars, and now to actually dancing in front of the Kinect camera, licensed music in video games have seen some interesting interpretations.

But no one has got it right, not like Revolution X in the arcades. Granted, these other games do a good job of bringing the player into the music, but no one has made me more aware of music like the on-rails shooter that had the special weapon of compact discs.

However, even with Aerosmith’s music and Nineties’ fashion, there’s only so much an on-rails shooter can do. Since Revolution X, the closest game to what I’m about to express has been the cult favorite, Wet from this generation of consoles. And while that game had licensed music, it, too, failed to connect gameplay to music. Music was the background to gameplay. Now, it’s time to look at what games have done with licensed music in the past, and what they need to do in the future to create the perfect music-based game.

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Someone Make This: HomeSpace

About ten years ago, I had a stunning revelation. It happened, as all important revelation necessarily do, while I was sitting on my porcelain throne. I had just finished a mission in Homeworld prior to my engagement with the porcelain throne and had thoroughly trounced the opposing fleet. I found myself daydreaming and imagining myself in the position of a fighter pilot blasting alien ships out of space. That’s when I realized that I had transposed the Freespace universe into the Homeworld universe. If you have played both of these games, then I may have just blown your mind. Enter HomeSpace.

If you talk to space game fans, chances are they have heard of Homeworld and Freespace. These exceptional titles took space games to whole new levels of strategy and playability, albeit in two very different genres.

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Someone Make This: A Game Written by Chuck Palahniuk

Chuck Palahniuk headshotThe best games on the market today allow players to follow differing story paths, align themselves with the factions of their choice, and enjoy a different ending with each play. Unfortunately, most of these games are fairly singularly minded. Sure, players can play a game over and over and explore all aspects of the game, but Cole can’t be both good and evil in the same play of inFamous.

Author Chuck Palahniuk is a great American modern author who writes scathing and humorous views of humanity’s seedy underbelly about corporate life, religion, and time travel. All of his books leap from perspective to perspective, creating a journey that cannot be satisfied until the last page is read.

While two of Palahniuk’s books have been turned into movies, it is time for this great American author to explore the world of video games for his unique approach to storytelling.

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