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Patch Details and DLC Announced for KING OF FIGHTERS XIII

King of Fighters XIII logoAltus and SNK Playmore have announced some details about the online patch that they have been working on since the launch of The King of Fighters XIII.

According to a press release from Atlus, the primary concerns focused on will be the connectivity issues that users have reported. Now, the game will judge players’ Internet connection and attempt to only match players with optimal performance. This performance patch will work for quick-play online players and game hosts.

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KING OF FIGHTERS XIII Demo Available on XBLA, Later on PSN

King of Fighters XIII logoIf you are considering picking up King of Fighters XIII but don’t want to take the plunge without trying it first, the demo is now available on XBLA and will release on PSN on Dec. 13.

The demo features 6 fighters, 2 stages, and online play.

Speaking of the online play, SNK Playmore is hard at work on the netcode patch to improve the online experience. No word yet on when to expect the patch to launch.

SNK Playmore Fixing Online Troubles in KoFXIII

King of Fighters XIII logoAtlus acknowledges and thanks players for reports of online issues in The King of Fighters XIII.

Atlus is working with SNK Playmore on creating and sending a patch to fix the online issues.

No word on the patch’s release, but isn’t it nice to know that your complaints have been heard?

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