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Sequel to Kingdoms of Amalur Discussed

Quickly becoming one of the most talked about and popular western RPGs, Kingdoms of Amalur is racking itself up a reputation.  Topping the sales charts in the UK, and getting high scoring reviews across the board, KoA ain’t doin’ too bad.  The game boasts one of the best gameplay systems on the market, and looks like it could rival Skyrim in terms of popularity, but it has the edge of being an original IP that is creating a solid fan base.

kingdoms of amalur

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Kojima’s Top-Secret Game is Open World

hideo kojimaHideo Kojima’s work is among the best in the gaming community.  The Metal Gear series consistently delivers quality releases.  The latest news on Kojima’s top-secret project is that it will combine the quality of Kojima’s work and an open world dynamic which will make for an innovative creation from developers who generally drive linear storylines.

Japanese-made games have taken a dive in recent years on account of the rise of gaming in Western cultures who appeal more to open world gaming where choice narrates the direction of the game, so news of a Japanese-made open world game is very exciting.

Eastern developers are beginning to respond to this trend as is evident in FFXIII-2, in which the developers responded to fan’s complaints about the linear Read the rest of this entry

Kinect 2 Rumors

Xbox Kinect

Rumors of the next gen Kinect are uncovering some… creepy news about the Xbox peripheral.  Kinect 2 will supposedly be so accurate that it will be able to recognize lip movements, facial expressions, and voice pitches (with the mic) to sense emotional responses and anxiety levels in the player.  The possibilities a device of this type opens up many doors for the gaming community.  Imagine playing Texas Hold’em Kinect and having to pull a convincing bluff.  Kinect two could even be integrated into games not generally used for Kinect for some interesting tweaks on conventional gaming.

There are also reports that two versions of the next generation Xbox will be released.  One will be a cheaper, less robust machine, while the other will be fully loaded complete with optical drive, hard drive, and backwards compatibility.

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