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ARMY CORPS OF HELL Characters and Customization Trialer


Another Price Drop for PS Vita Import

PlayStation VitaNorth America and Europe are still over a month away from seeing the PlayStation Vita, but Asian consumers have had the handheld for the better part of a month, now.

And no one wants it.

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Supremacy MMA Unrestricted PS Vita Logo505 Games has released details for the PS Vita game Supremacy MMA: Unrestricted.

We don’t have any screenshots or trailers yet, but we do know a little about the port.

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Sony to Shoot for a Younger Demographic in 2012

Nintendo’s success among young gamers and families goes without saying, but now Sony is trying to hit the same market. Sony Computer Entertainment CEO Jim Ryan stated, “I think you’ll see us taking the console more towards a slightly younger demographic. More family market.” This would be a smart move for Sony because they already have success among core gamers, and their Vita is not looking good when it comes to hitting a broad demo.

Ryan goes on to say that core gamers will not be neglected with the shift, and that plenty of core-gamer oriented content will still be on the way.  The competition looks tough for Sony in the future with the Kinect and Nintendo peripherals dominating gamers’ interests.


Have I mentioned that I don’t like the Vita?

vitaOkay, I know that I won’t shut up about how much I don’t like anything about the Vita, but if Sony didn’t keep throwing me crap to stoke the fire with, I would keep my mouth shut.  The latest news is that the Vita will only support one PSN account per system.  This news is worst for gamers with separate accounts to play demos and buy downloads from separate regions, (as what they do isn’t sketchy).  This also means no game sharing between buddies who don’t want to pay for two games.

Other downfalls of the Vita include no PS One compatibility and separate memory card requirements.  Some good news is that the price for PSN downloads for the Vita will be significantly cheaper with up to 40% discounts.  If Sony wants the Vita to be truly successful, they need to spend more time on making better decisions for the portable.

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