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A 2011 Gamer Chronology

2011 was an amazing gaming year.  Each month was a new experience, and as the year progressed, so did the quality of the games that were released.  Here is a synopsis of my year in gaming: 2011.


Final Fantasy XIII

A massive title with massive visuals and massive problems among fans, Read the rest of this entry


Image of the Week: Portaloo

Portal 2

Ahh, Portal.  One of the funnest moments is creating an infinite portal, or infiportal, to drop companion cubes, turrets, or co-op companions into.  This t-shirt sums up those fun moments and how my wife feels after guzzling a 32 oz. cup of Coke and 2 hours of Twilight.  This shirt is available at

GameTaffy Reacts to Spike’s VGAs

VGA 2011 adAlthough the Video Game Awards show is not the best award show, and it is definitely not the best representation of the video game industry. From start to finish, the show seems to revolve around trailers and celebrities. On the one hand, the celebrities keep casual gamers more focused and interested, and the trailers offer a level of excitement only matched by E3 trailers. Still, it would be nice if the award show showed awards.

Fortunately, GameTaffy took note of all the winners, and we are offering our thoughts about who won and why!

As a note, GameTaffy is not associated with Viacom or any of its affiliates. We are gamers, though, and as these are the Emmy’s of the video game world, we want to theorize why certain games and individuals won their awards. We didn’t agree with all the awards, but this is the Internet. Of course there’s something we disagree with!

On to the awards, leading to the Game of the Year and the Best Studio and Publisher of the year.

Best Action-Adventure Game:Batman Arkham City

Batman: Arkham City

Batman: Arkham Asylum was a good game, but it was certainly slightly boring. Everything was made better in the sequel.

The game is open world, offers hundreds of side missions, and features fantastic gameplay and story.

As players go, they get more items and more awesome!

Read the rest of this entry

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