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Nintendo 3DS Will Launch Another Peripheral

3DS StandProducer Masahiro Sakurai announced the coolest peripheral since the Circle Pad: A small, plastic stand so you don’t have to actually hold your 3DS.

Unlike the Circle Pad, though, this peripheral will be bundled with Kid Icarus: Uprising.

Judging by the images above, and understanding that it comes with a hot game, is this something that you can get behind as a fan?


Kinect 2 Rumors

Xbox Kinect

Rumors of the next gen Kinect are uncovering some… creepy news about the Xbox peripheral.  Kinect 2 will supposedly be so accurate that it will be able to recognize lip movements, facial expressions, and voice pitches (with the mic) to sense emotional responses and anxiety levels in the player.  The possibilities a device of this type opens up many doors for the gaming community.  Imagine playing Texas Hold’em Kinect and having to pull a convincing bluff.  Kinect two could even be integrated into games not generally used for Kinect for some interesting tweaks on conventional gaming.

There are also reports that two versions of the next generation Xbox will be released.  One will be a cheaper, less robust machine, while the other will be fully loaded complete with optical drive, hard drive, and backwards compatibility.

Skyrim Patch Hits North America

The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim

The Skyrim patch for has hit North America.  This patch is mainly in response to issues that Playstation users have been reporting after game save data hits about 4MB.  Other fixes include glitch corrections with NPCs and in game enemies across all consoles, texture issues for the Xbox 360, and control issues for PC users.  For full details on the patch click here.

PS3 Reports Black Friday Success

With sweet deals at big retail stores such as Best Buy and Wal-Mart, Sony is reporting a strong response with the Playstation 3 consoles, software and peripherals this past holiday weekend.  SCEA is chalking it up to the free network provided by Sony, Blu-ray functionality and exclusive PS3 titles like Uncharted 3.  For a gaming buyer’s guide for getting the right console for you, check out Ben’s article here.

-by Clint Kingsley

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