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IMHO: Getting the Most Out of Skyrim

Remember that classic “Skyrim” game from way back in the Fall of 2011?  It was quite a hit back in its day, and with so much to do in a massive game, it was difficult to orient the direction of the main hero.  Well, we here at GameTaffy pulled out our copies from their dust laden tombs for a replay and suggestions for our happy readers on how to get the most out of Skyrim.


Know Where You Want to Go

Diversity will be key on a second play-through of Skyrim; it would be boring to do the same thing twice.  Get out of a comfort zone and shoot for being a thief or dark mage this time around instead of a warrior.  It is a good idea to pick a new direction and focus the hero’s attributes based on that selection.  The best way to focus a hero in Skyrim is to decide on an end result and let that guide his direction.

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Diablo III Pushed Back Again

diablo iii

The fact that the release of Diablo III has been anticipated for years now is no mystery to the gaming community.  The game was slated for release in March of this year, but a new statement from Blizzard’s Mike Morhaime, reveals that the game is being pushed into the Q2 2012 period.  The game has taken a long time for release because the developers have been weeding out every bug and tweaking the game engine to ensure a quality release, but impatient gamers haven’t been too happy about it.

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iOS Receiving Mass Effect: Infiltrator

mass effect infiltrator

EA has just announced release of a Mass Effect IP for the iOS.  The game sends players on a rescue mission to release Cerberus bound captives from the shady organization’s clutches.  This ties into a reward system that will actually affect players’ games in the console release of Mass Effect 3.  EA states, “Every completed rescue and intelligence discovery in Infiltrator will increase a player’s Galactic Readiness rating directly through the ‘Galaxy at War’ system in Mass Effect 3.”  The Galaxy at War system has to do with the game’s multiplayer system.

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Will the Cloud Kill Consoles?

angry cloud

Not according to Gamestop.

Technology has come a long way, and gaming is always at the forefront, utilizing the newest tech to improve gamers’ experiences.  One innovation adds a potential benefit to the gaming community: Cloud streaming.  Cloud based storage allows streaming from any location with an internet connection, and allows for a portable experienc Read the rest of this entry

GAME OF THRONES “Winter” Trailer

Take a tour through the upcoming action-RPG Game of Thrones with the new international trailer, “Winter.”

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