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Nintendo Network… Nin-network?

nintendo network

Is the name, "Nin-etwork" a horrible suggestion?

Nintendo President Satoru Iwata sounds serious about the Nintendo Network… this time.  But the truth of the matter is that Nintendo might be too far behind the curve on a stable network that appeals to a crowd of gamers who are accustomed to a solid online experience.  It’s going to take Nintendo some time to develop a network that is free of hiccups, and by the time they do, the networks provided by Xbox and Playstation will be far ahead.

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Will the Cloud Kill Consoles?

angry cloud

Not according to Gamestop.

Technology has come a long way, and gaming is always at the forefront, utilizing the newest tech to improve gamers’ experiences.  One innovation adds a potential benefit to the gaming community: Cloud streaming.  Cloud based storage allows streaming from any location with an internet connection, and allows for a portable experienc Read the rest of this entry

Someone Make This: A Game Written by Chuck Palahniuk

Chuck Palahniuk headshotThe best games on the market today allow players to follow differing story paths, align themselves with the factions of their choice, and enjoy a different ending with each play. Unfortunately, most of these games are fairly singularly minded. Sure, players can play a game over and over and explore all aspects of the game, but Cole can’t be both good and evil in the same play of inFamous.

Author Chuck Palahniuk is a great American modern author who writes scathing and humorous views of humanity’s seedy underbelly about corporate life, religion, and time travel. All of his books leap from perspective to perspective, creating a journey that cannot be satisfied until the last page is read.

While two of Palahniuk’s books have been turned into movies, it is time for this great American author to explore the world of video games for his unique approach to storytelling.

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Image of the week: 8-bit Revenge

duck hunt

Who didn’t try to blow that anyonying dog’s 8-bit brains out?  This t-shirt is available at threadless.

Sony to Shoot for a Younger Demographic in 2012

Nintendo’s success among young gamers and families goes without saying, but now Sony is trying to hit the same market. Sony Computer Entertainment CEO Jim Ryan stated, “I think you’ll see us taking the console more towards a slightly younger demographic. More family market.” This would be a smart move for Sony because they already have success among core gamers, and their Vita is not looking good when it comes to hitting a broad demo.

Ryan goes on to say that core gamers will not be neglected with the shift, and that plenty of core-gamer oriented content will still be on the way.  The competition looks tough for Sony in the future with the Kinect and Nintendo peripherals dominating gamers’ interests.


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