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Nintendo 3DS Outsells GameCube

Nintendo 3DS with Pilot WingsWhile is not able to bring exact sale numbers from the NPD (as it costs hundreds of dollars to see the monthly reports), we have no problem with leeching off of other sites’ NPD subscriptions. And some interesting numbers for the Nintendo 3DS have been announced.

To date, the Nintendo GameCube has sold just over 4 million units (including new sales from this year). In the 9 months of its existence, the Nintendo 3DS has sold nearly 100,000 more units than the GameCube.

More impressive than that is the announcement that in this 9-month period, the 3DS is selling better than the Nintendo Wii did in its first 9 months. Also, Super Mario 3D Land and Mario Kart 7 have broken franchise records, with over a million sales each in their short lives.



Epic Mickey 2 concept covers

Leaked concept cover art

In a leaked and deleted Disney newsletter, Epic Mickey 2 has been announced. There’s no surprise about a successful game getting a sequel. In fact, most knew that production on EM2 was in full swing.

What is surprising are the details in the promotional newsletter:

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Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword Review

The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword logoEvery gamer who has ever called themselves a gamer has played at least one Zelda game. Perhaps Zelda would be considered a “hipster’s game,” for they who jailbreak their Ps3 and pimp their PC with liquid-cooling for Crysis, but we have to consider that incredibly long-standing game titles stay popular for a reason (sorry, Final Fantasy, you would be an exception to this).

Is it possible for a game to better with each sequel? Yes, yes it is. Zelda: Skyward Sword has been considered by IGN to be “the greatest Zelda game ever created” –woah now.

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Holiday Shopping Guide: 10 Cheap Buys for the Wii

The clock is ticking down on Presents Day, and if you haven’t bought your gamer anything because all the new games are too expensive, these gift ideas under $20 will be sure to do the trick! The Wii gamer is harder to shop for this year, as many retailers are clearing old games in anticipation for the Wii U (no official release date yet).

de Blobde Blob cover

Metacritic: 82

Price: $19.28

Arguably, de Blob is the best third-party game for the Wii. The game is colorful. The controls are fluid. The story is fun. And anyone in the family can play and enjoy it.

Set in a black-and-white world, de Blob is part of a resistance organization seeking to return color to the city. As players paint the town red (or any other color), new areas are opened for new challenges.

If de Blob 2 is too pricey for this year’s buy, starting with the original is not a bad idea.

Dead Space: ExtractionDead Space: Extraction cover art

Metacritic: 82

Price: $19.90

Dead Space on the PS3 and 360 was one of the scariest third-person shooters to be released since Resident Evil 4. It redefined the survival-horror genre. Unfortunately, Wii owners got the shaft.

EA realized that Wii owners would want to enjoy getting scared and released the on-rails FPS, Dead Space: Extraction. While most on-rails games are dull and lifeless, this prequel to the original surprised many. While the graphics aren’t as pretty as the next-gen cousin, Extraction still looks better than most modern releases.

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