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“Minecraft was an inspiration for sure” for Fortnite


Lee Perry, the team lead for Epic Games’ recently revealed “Fortnite”, tweeted some interesting details for the game.  Many people have pointed out the similarities between Fortnite and Mojang’s Minecraft.  Perry revealed the following information via Twitter yesterday:

“…Minecraft let’s you build ANYTHING, we are focusing Read the rest of this entry

Minecraft Pocket Edition 10 Cents on Android Market!

Minecraft Pocket Edition

The beloved sandbox game that has been wowing the world is now available on Android devices for 10 cents!  Android is celebrating their 10 billionth market download by offering users several premium apps for just a tenth of a buck.

Other apps include Asphalt 6: Adrenaline HD, Great Little War Game, and Fieldrunners HD.  For a full list of premium apps being offered click here.  This offer will end on December 16th as a “10 apps for 10 days” campaign by Android.  iPhone users will be happy to hear that Minecraft Pocket edition has also been release for iOS.

Notch Needs a Break

Minecraft Logo

The game that gives indie developers hope

In a post yesterday, Markus “Notch” Persson announced that he will be stepping down as lead designer of Minecraft, the game he built from the ground up.

As of yesterday, Jens Bergensten is the new lead developer on Minecraft. He will have the final say in all design decisions, so he will kinda sorta become my boss, I guess. I’ve promised him to not pull rank. 😉

We’ve been working together on Minecraft for a year now, and I’m amazed at how much in synch we two are when it comes to how to design the game. And when we don’t agree, we discuss it and something much better comes out at a result. He’s truly a great person to work with, and I feel very confident handing over the leadership of Minecraft to him.

If you want to contact Jens, he’s on twitter as @jeb_, or you can email him at

Personally, I will now rest for a while, then get back to work refreshed and eager. I’ll be helping out with Minecraft, of course, but also starting work on some new project.

Hopefully, that game he metioned is Scrolls, the game that Bethesda is doing its best to destroy. However, between building a game from scratch, pitting it against games by EA and Activision, and battling the creators of Skyrim in court, it makes sense that Notch might need a break.

As a reminder, Minecraft has left beta and is available for purchase at the official website. Any concerns about the direction of the open-world, craft-your-own-adventure game will now go to the new lead designer Jens Bergensten.

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