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Sims, Mass Effect 3, and Warp

Maxis knows best how to make a city simulation game!

The popular game developer behind games such as SimCity, The Sims, and Spore, have been rumored to be unveiling a new Sim (City? Maybe SC5?) title at the Game Developer Conference. Held early next month, no news or announcement has been officially made yet. Electronic Arts hasn’t announced anything either, so keeps eyes and ears open. The publisher will stream their show during the GDC, which will be on March 6th.

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IMHO: Delay of Game

The wait for a hotly anticipated title can, in the best of circumstances, be likened to eating at a fine restaurant. The wait itself isn’t that bad; after all, you have all of those delectable appetizers/other games to enjoy while you sit in the comfort of that $9,500 armchair. The waiter is absolutely pleasant, offering you updates on your meal as you sit and talk with your significant other/business associate/the nice folks at the table next to yours because you often eat out alone like me. Read the rest of this entry

Chaseme Weekly Digital Content

The IMPOSTORS of Gotham City Unite! For free DLC. Yeeeeeessss!

Welcome back to the greatest place for all your latest and greatest gaming content! And some stale jokes, maybe some pie and a watermelon seed spitting contest… We’ll see what time we have.

As a thank you to fans, two days ago Gotham City Impostors announced their first set of DLC will be absolutely FREE! You heard me right. A new map, new weapons, matchmaking fixes and patches, and new costume choices are some of the content being offered for $0.00! This content will be available next month, and should help fix any issues with the games multiplayer but should be a huge improvement. Also mentioned in the article, something you may not have known – Impostors runs on completely dedicated servers, meaning better skill level matchmaking and less latency during online play. Cool. So make sure to check in March for the DLC pack, which did I mention is completely free?! Read the rest of this entry

MASS EFFECT 3 Site Relaunches

Mass Effect 3 website Femshep Friday

It’s time to get excited over Mass Effect 3. As March 9 approaches, players will want to get all the new details and trailers they can to gear up for the game.

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iOS Receiving Mass Effect: Infiltrator

mass effect infiltrator

EA has just announced release of a Mass Effect IP for the iOS.  The game sends players on a rescue mission to release Cerberus bound captives from the shady organization’s clutches.  This ties into a reward system that will actually affect players’ games in the console release of Mass Effect 3.  EA states, “Every completed rescue and intelligence discovery in Infiltrator will increase a player’s Galactic Readiness rating directly through the ‘Galaxy at War’ system in Mass Effect 3.”  The Galaxy at War system has to do with the game’s multiplayer system.

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