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Image of the Week: She’s Too Young

dating advice

Ever heard of the, I’ve-always-wanted-to-see-what-a-driver’s-license-from-(insert state here)-looks-like trick?  It’s a nice alternative to spending nights snuggling with Bubba and hugging your knees in the shower.  Here’s a new suggestion: try laminating this photo, sticking it in your wallet (not a euphemism), and making her pass the, name-the-gaming-icon test. If she passes, she can assist you in defeating the beast with two backs.  If she thinks they are cross-stitch patterns, well that’s weird, and she’s a no go!

Image from GeeksAreSexy.


Image of the Week: Mario vs. Big Daddy

mario vs big daddy

Turns out, our princess was in Rapture.

Damn toad.  He led Mario on a red herring trail of lies and deceit.  Of all the castles in which Mario dodged fireballs and powerslid under Thwomps,  she wasn’t even above ground… at least in the universe this picture was created in.

RetroSpection: Yoshi’s Island

Imagine a serpentine, pink tongue adhering itself to your face. It then slurps you into the fluffy interior of a saddled dinosaur with army boots, only for you to be explosively expelled out it’s tail end encased in a frightfully cramped polkadot shell. From here you would be weilded as a hand grenade to scramble your best friends into oblivion. (pardon the pun, it was a horrible yolk.) This is basic egg-making protocol. Because of this I truly pity the Shy Guy when I use him as butt cannon fodder in Retrospection Game #1: Super Mario World 2: Yoshi’s IslandRead the rest of this entry

DaGeDar Media

DaGeDar looks like a cross between Mario Kart, Bay Blades, and Little Big Planet.

Aimed directly at children fuming over Mario Kart on the 3DS, this title features multiplayer racing, collectibles, and a few tracks to enjoy.

It’s cartoony and will be forgotten, but I don’t think it should. There are some interesting features here, and for casual play, this is worth a seven-year-old’s bus trip to and from school. Click the above link for more screen shots.

FINAL WORD: Good for little kids

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