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OG Reviews: Limbo


You can check in, but you'll never leave?

Limbo.  The state between existence and non-existence.  The mystery behind Limbo’s story is equally as fascinating as the game in its entirety.  Playdead development accomplished much with the release of Limbo by giving us a game with a minimalist story, an original look, and mind-bending puzzles.  Limbo was voted the best indie title on PSN for 2011, so does the game rise above other titles, or does Limbo introduce players to purgatory?


Limbo pulls off an entire story with no dialogue and one word: HOTEL.  What is this hotel?  Who owns it?  Is it an homage to Hotel California?  Who knows.  The best literature is ambiguous, and Limbo’s storyline can be interpreted many ways.  As the game begins, the player–a young boy with a sever Read the rest of this entry


A 2011 Gamer Chronology

2011 was an amazing gaming year.  Each month was a new experience, and as the year progressed, so did the quality of the games that were released.  Here is a synopsis of my year in gaming: 2011.


Final Fantasy XIII

A massive title with massive visuals and massive problems among fans, Read the rest of this entry

PSN’s Top Indie Title for 2011

limboLimbo pulled in the most sales on the Playstation network in 2011 for Indie titles.  Limbo is a 2D sidescroller with a very unique color scheme; it has none!  The player wakes up as a young boy in a dark world without color.  It turns out the boy is in a state of Limbo, and escape is essential, as Limbo is a dangerous and gruesome place!

Sony just released a list of all the top selling 3rd and 1st party titles.

Top 3 Indie titles:

Read the rest of this entry

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