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Steam App to be Released


Valve has announced that a Steam app is scheduled for release on mobile Android and iOS devices.  The creation of the app is in response to fans’ requests to have access to what is happening on Steam on the go.  The app allows users to see what is happening on Steam anytime, anywhere.  Users can see who is online and what they are playing as well as browse games, chat with friends, and check out the latest media.

Steam is the leading distributor of digital media, supplying the majority of digital downloads on the internet.  The most popular feature of Steam is the unbeatable sale prices on hot games.  The ability to monitor the deals on the new mobile app gives fans the ability to snag sales while they’re hot.

The app is currently available in open Beta and can be downloaded free on the Android Market or the App store.

KOOZAC Coming to iOS and Android

KooZac iconIn the mid-90s, I had an argument with some of my friends over whether or not any new puzzle games could be created for video games. At the time, everyone was playing Tetris, Minesweeper, or Myst, and all other games seemed to build on these ideas.

While KooZac may combine other puzzle games, this mix makes it unique. And recently, Square Enix announced that it obtained distribution rights for the critically acclaimed puzzle game and plans to port it to iOS and Android smart phones and tablets.

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Mirror’s Edge Available for Free on iOS – Today Only!

It's FREE-99!

Yes, you read the title right. Mirror’s Edge on the iPhone and iPad, which regularly sells for $9.99, is free today, thanks to the new EA Daily Deals program. For cheaper than the price of the Tyler Perry collection, you can now fly through the air with the greatest of ease, as the daring young…woman…who’s being shot at by eco-terrorists who are angry at her excessive use of paper, or something like that.

Look, I didn’t plan on you reading this far. Haven’t you started the download yet?

Minecraft Pocket Edition 10 Cents on Android Market!

Minecraft Pocket Edition

The beloved sandbox game that has been wowing the world is now available on Android devices for 10 cents!  Android is celebrating their 10 billionth market download by offering users several premium apps for just a tenth of a buck.

Other apps include Asphalt 6: Adrenaline HD, Great Little War Game, and Fieldrunners HD.  For a full list of premium apps being offered click here.  This offer will end on December 16th as a “10 apps for 10 days” campaign by Android.  iPhone users will be happy to hear that Minecraft Pocket edition has also been release for iOS.

GASLIGHT Available for iOS and Android

Gaslight logo

You iOS or Android can now get a whole lot more Steampunk!

From Pixofactor and Tapjoy, Gaslight is a mix of RPG and RTS. But best of all, it’s free!

While it looks similar to the Facebook version of Command and Conquer, it maintains enough individuality to be worth the price.

Gaslight allows players to build a city, battle enemy armies, manage resources, and earn free loot. However, some early players have complained that the game quit after 12 hours of gameplay.

Any way you cut it, the game is free. Download it, and if you hate it, delete it.

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