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IMHO: Let’s Make Another

Matrix Reloaded wallpaper

Take a good thing, and make it bad. Sequel WIN!

After satisfying audiences with a fulfilling experience from a book, film or game, publishers are keen to cash in on the hype of the first by rushing out a sequel. In the case of books and films, this is usually a very bad idea (with exception to Darth Bane: Rule of Two, Empire Strikes Back, Toy Story 2, Godfather 2, etc.).

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Achievement Unlocked: Poop Taken

Everybody has a ritual for when he or she is on the pot.  Some people read the dictionary or a magazine and others pass the time posting their facebook status.  I recently realized that I’ve accomplished a lot “dropping the Browns off at the Superbowl”…  so here’s a list of my achievements:

Final Fantasy II (Japan IV)

As a cheap college student, I have never been up to date on cell phone technology.  My T-mobile G1 has been my phone for the past 3 years  It’s qwerty keyboard and Android OS provide a good emulating device.  This is the portable that I’ve used on the portable to complete a good share of retro gaming titles.  The first game I played on the SNES emulator is Final Fantasy II.

final fantasy II

Arguably one of the best titles in the franchise, Final Fantasy II kept me busy for months, not because it’s a massive game, but  because the only place I played was at the aforementioned locale.

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Image of the Week: Peeping Tom

evil bunny

Every day as I scrub my toosh in the shower, I’m greeted with the sinister stare of a marble Pippy-the-hare-doppelganger.  The random swirls may not look like much, but every time I don my shower cap, this is what I see: Read the rest of this entry

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