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The IMPOSTORS of Gotham City Unite! For free DLC. Yeeeeeessss!

Welcome back to the greatest place for all your latest and greatest gaming content! And some stale jokes, maybe some pie and a watermelon seed spitting contest… We’ll see what time we have.

As a thank you to fans, two days ago Gotham City Impostors announced their first set of DLC will be absolutely FREE! You heard me right. A new map, new weapons, matchmaking fixes and patches, and new costume choices are some of the content being offered for $0.00! This content will be available next month, and should help fix any issues with the games multiplayer but should be a huge improvement. Also mentioned in the article, something you may not have known –¬†Impostors runs on completely dedicated servers, meaning better skill level matchmaking and less latency during online play. Cool. So make sure to check in March for the DLC pack, which did I mention is completely free?! Read the rest of this entry

Kingdoms of Ama-need-an-online-pass, Sort Of.

Editor’s note: I am in no way advocating Online Passes in games. In this article, I praise 38 Studios for rewarding early adopters. I do not think the Day 1 DLC should be considered an Online Pass, a huge buzzword of late. However, having Day 1 DLC means that content was ready, but not packaged with the product. How you feel about that is up to you.

You probably already know about Kingdoms of Amalur’s Online Pass and the backlash unleashed by many in the gaming community. Well, as much as I don’t like Online Passes, Kingdoms of Amalur isn’t actually using one — not really. Ars technica wrote about the implementation of an Online Pass with this game and stated that “Charging used game players for such an ‘Online Pass’ is nothing new in the game industry, of course. But implementing an Online Pass in the single-player¬†Kingdoms of Amalur¬†represents a continuing tumble down a slippery slope for the entire game industry.”

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Chaseme Digital Weekly!

What’s new in the digital world of gaming? I will tell you what’s new in digital gaming! GRRRRRR!
I’m normal now, promise.

Ubisoft’s stunning sandbox god-game “From Dust” is 67% off the original price for download on Steam! Offer ends on the 26th though, so jump on it. Honestly, you can move the elements around in this game, just buy it for full price if you don’t catch the deal. I absolutely love this very original Arcade title.

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DUNGEON DEFENDERS Mistymire DLC Live on Steam, Soon on PSN and XBLA

Dungeon Defenders: MistymireGet ready to leave the castle and search for the Lost Eternia Shards. Told in 4 parts, the young adventurers are tasked with rounding up the last of the Eternia Crystals and sealing away the forces of evil.

Part 1, “Mistymire Forest,” is available now on Steam for $4 and will be available on PSN and XBLA on Dec. 21. In each pack, players are treated to a new campaign map, a new PvP map, a new challenge, new cinematics, new enemies, 10 weapons, a new pet, a new boss, and a few secrets upon completion. Each part can be downloaded individually or as a bundle for $9.75 for a limited time.

Still no word about the character pack DLC for PSN or XBLA.

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