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IMHO: Gaming Trends That Drive Me Crazy (from a 24 year-old geezer)

So angry. Gamers get so angry.

“Hey, have you played the latest (insert current FPS fav of the masses)? It’s totally awesome! I shot some dude’s head off, and pwned a bunch of nubs online.”

The quote above may be completely made-up, but I feel it’s typical fare for a lot of so-called “gamers” out there. I’m not going to rant just about FPS games in this editorial, I’m going to rant about gaming conventions that have cropped up in recent years that really curdle my blood. Read the rest of this entry

What Can THQ Do to Save Itself?

thq, closing doors, thq closing doorsAmidst rumors of shutting down and cancelling their 2014 lineup, THQ has now announced that no such plans are in place. That’s good news for their thousands of fans, and hundreds of employees — but the most unsettling part of all this still remains in the aftermath:

We weren’t surprised at all.

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Holiday Shopping Guide: 10 Awesome PS3 Games from 2011

2011 was generous year when it comes to fantastic titles that were released for the PS3.  Here are the best games from a fruitful year in gaming!

Batman: Arkham City

Batman Arkham City

Metacritic: 92

Average Price: $59.99

ESRB: Teen

Arkham city is a sequel to Batman: Arkham Asylum.  The player controls the dark knight, in a third person action adventure game.

Batman’s goal is to rid Arkham of the proverbial villains who have escaped from the asylum and are wreaking havoc among the city’s denizens.

One of the top titles of the year, Batman: Arkham City is an appropriate gift for Christmas lists this holiday season.

Battlefield 3

Battlefield 3

Metacritic: 85

Average Price: $59.99

ESRB: Mature

Another big title for 2011 is EA’s Battlefield 3.  Battlefield is a first person shooter in which the player controls a US Marine in single player and multiplayer combat that encompasses locales across the world.

Battlefield 3 has had quite the grudge match with Call of Duty when it comes to fans of both series.  Battlefield supporters argue that it is more realistic and believable, and they are right.

With a mature rating, this game is certainly for hardcore gamers, so moms be warned!

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Call of Duty Zombies Released for iOS

Call of Duty: Black OpsActivision released Call of Duty: Black Ops Zombies for iOS today.  The title will feature gameplay identical to the console versions of COD: tackle waves of creepy zombies, make money for kills, spend money to repair barricades, upgrade weapons, and SURVIVE!  The only difference will be the lack of physical controls.  Instead, the game features on screen joysticks and buttons, but the traditional buttons for shooting, throwing grenades, and crouching remain.

Bonus content includes achievements and Dead-Ops Arcade, a hidden mini-game hidden in Black Ops.  The game also supports 4-players online.

The title was released today, and is available in the app store for ~$6.99 US.  Only 1 map is currently available, but future updates will include free maps.  For fans already addicted to this franchise, the iOS version looks equally addicting.

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