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ARMY CORPS OF HELL Multiplayer Trailer

Army Corps of Hell red logoArmy Corps of Hell hits the PlayStation Vita on Feb. 22. Here’s a new multiplayer trailer to get you excited for the new peripheral and this new action/RTS!

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ARMY CORPS OF HELL Characters and Customization Trialer

ARMY CORPS OF HELL Media and Release Date

Army Corps of Hell red logoSquare-Enix’s first PlayStation Vita title, Army Corps of Hell, has a birthday!

And what better way to celebrate the upcoming bundle of demon joy than with some new screenshots?

For those who don’t know, the Devil has been kicked off his throne. Now, with the help of minor demons, he is marching back into Hell to take his throne.

Mixing action with real-time strategy, players use the Vita’s touchscreen to select allies and attack demonic bosses.

Releasing February 22 exclusively for the Vita, this looks like a strong showing from Square-Enix. It’s really too bad that no one will buy the Vita.

Final Word

Buy (if you get a Vita)/Interesting (if you don’t)

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