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Patch Details and DLC Announced for KING OF FIGHTERS XIII

King of Fighters XIII logoAltus and SNK Playmore have announced some details about the online patch that they have been working on since the launch of The King of Fighters XIII.

According to a press release from Atlus, the primary concerns focused on will be the connectivity issues that users have reported. Now, the game will judge players’ Internet connection and attempt to only match players with optimal performance. This performance patch will work for quick-play online players and game hosts.

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PC version of ROCK OF AGES Gets Christmas Update, PSN Port Announced

Rock of Ages Christmas Update logoDetails have just been announced for the Steam-exclusive PC version of Rock of Ages‘ newest patch. The newest patch will permanently open all defensive units for every map and will temporarily unlock certain gameplay elements to create a festive feel. However, the biggest news of this patch is the release of a new skin for the Rock for FREE!

With a unique art style and fast-paced action, Rock of Ages places players on the other end of a tower-defense game. Rather than building defensive units and keeping the enemy at bay, you are the enemy, hell-bent on destroying the towers with your mighty boulder. Recently, Rock of Ages won Machinima Inside Gaming Awards’ “Most Original Game.”

There are no plans to release this patch or the snow man skin to the XBLA version of Rock of Ages. However, Atlus did announce that the Rock will be rolling onto PSN in December.

The PC version is available on Steam for 50% off or can be purchased as part of the Humble Indie Bundle.

DEMON’S SOULS Celebrates Christmas

Demon's Souls box artAtlus has decided to celebrate the holidays in a very special way with the help of the PlayStation 3 exclusive, Demon’s Souls.

Beginning today and ending Jan. 2, 2012, Boletaria will convert to Pure White Tendency. In this state, the difficulty is greatly reduced, making previously inaccessible areas and unattainable items accessible and attainable (I need a thesaurus).

Best of all, Demon’s Souls recently had its servers renewed and its “Greatest Hits” edition released for $20.

BATTLE GROUP Receiving Major Update

Some games charge for new content. Other games patch content and try to call it DLC.

Indie developer Bane Games is doing just the opposite with Battle Group. Launching Dec. 15, this new update will feature a new survival mode and the ability to sync with iCloud. And for the super technical, players will also receive the option to turn on or off the rasterised screen effects.

For a very limited time, you can buy this game for the iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad for $1.

Combining Missile Commander combat with shmup controls, Battle Group allows players to choose one of three factions and engage in naval battles with other fleets. Power-ups and new ships become available as the game evolves.

Skyrim DLC in the Works

skyrimXbox owners will be pleased to hear that they will get their hands on the Skyrim DLC 30 days before PS3 and PC users will have access to it.  The developers are brainstorming ideas for the DLC based on what players are doing in the game.  They don’t want to add additional content; they want to improve the experience.

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