Sims, Mass Effect 3, and Warp

Maxis knows best how to make a city simulation game!

The popular game developer behind games such as SimCity, The Sims, and Spore, have been rumored to be unveiling a new Sim (City? Maybe SC5?) title at the Game Developer Conference. Held early next month, no news or announcement has been officially made yet. Electronic Arts hasn’t announced anything either, so keeps eyes and ears open. The publisher will stream their show during the GDC, which will be on March 6th.

Speaking of March 6th, Mass Effect 3 will be releasing that day. And if you haven’t already gone in and downloaded the demo, do so now. As of yesterday, players can access the regular portion of the multiplayer co-op demo as well, offering the ‘ME3 Recruitment Program’, where you can play and contribute your portion of fighting to the war effort in ME3, and get useful in-game items in the form of Recruitment Packs.
Finally, Warp – a new puzzle game including the (adorable) little orange

Zero from Xbox's new Arcade game, "Warp"

alien “Zero” – makes its colossal debut on Xbox Live Arcade. Apparently after being trapped for a long time in an underwater facility, Zero has built up enough power he needs to break free of the place he is withheld in. You must ‘warp’ your way through rooms and obstacles, and can explode enemies and work, one level at a time, toward freedom. This game is not currently available on PC or PlayStation Network, but will be on March 13 2012, or you can pre-order the game for just $9.99.

GameTaffy will be covering the Game Developer Conference, so be sure to check back for news on a possible SimCity amongst other news!


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