Mass Effect 3 multiplayer demo launches early

Yesterday BioWare and EA released the Multiplayer demo of Mass Effect 3 a day earlier than planned due to all the intense success of the single player demo.  This multiplayer isnt the regular multiplayer where you fight against your friends for control.  Instead you join a squad of players and fight together to bring down Cerberus and reaper forces. 

Since I have the demo, I jumped quickly into the multiplayer. Since it is of course the demo, a lot of features are restricted, but you can still take any character class and choose to fight with them.  At the moment every character class has a human male in it that you can play, and some have human females or a few other races, some of which you can start unlocking when you begin the demo. Jumping into the demo, you are given two bases that you can fight at, one of which is a base on Noveria, another is a human colony that we havent seen before. you can choose to fight at either base, or let the game pick randomly for you.

The same goes with the difficulty level.  You can choose between the Bronze, Silver, and Gold challenges, and youll fight Cerberus based on that difficulty.  So far and am in love with the ME 3 Demo, though im still getting used to how the controls handle for PC.  If you are a PC player, you have to have Origin to download the demo, but the demo is available across the board for console and PC players.  If you can’t wait for ME 3 to come out in March, then you better get the demo to whet your appetite until then.


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