WAR INC. BATTLE ZONE Citadel Trailer and Screens

War Inc Battlezone Citadel screen 1Audiences enjoy their online shooters. Audiences also enjoy free entertainment. Soon, audiences can enjoy the free-to-play shooter, War Inc. Battle Zone, from Online Warmongers.

With over 10,000 likes on Facebook, Online Warmongers are ready to unroll War Inc. Battle Zone, available now for free download at the newly revamped website. For a limited time, new players will get 5,000 free war points as a gift for trying out the game.

The newest map, “Citadel” is a tactical deathmatch map, good for close combat or unique vantage points. The matchmaking is well balanced, keeping players with similar levels together. The sounds have been fully updated and players will enjoy the new user interface.

Sure, this is no Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3, but it is $60 cheaper than that game. Honestly, with a price tag of zero dollars, gamers owe it to themselves to give War Inc. Battle Zone a shot.

Get it? Shot?

Cause it’s a shooter!

Oh, you did get it?

I guess I’ll stop talking, now.

War Inc. Battle Zone Citadel screen 2War Inc Battle Zone Screen 3War Inc Battle Zone Screen 4War Inc Battle Zone Screen 5War Inc Battle Zone Screen 6War Inc Battle Zone Screen 7War Inc Battle Zone Screen 8War Inc Battle Zone Screen 9War Inc Battle Zone Screen 10War Inc Battle Zone Screen 11War Inc Battle Zone Screen 12War Inc Battle Zone Screen 13War Inc Battle Zone Screen 14War Inc Battle Zone Screen 15


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