Top 5: Facebook games

In this world of lists, some of them get a little overwhelming and more than a little boring.  GameTaffy is going to break that mold by bring you new lists of completely random things in the gaming world.

This week’s Top 5 brings you the most recommended facebook games for you to waste even more time on facebook with.

5. CityVille

CityVille is a fairly well known game still going strong on Facebook.  Developed by Zynga, you can build your own city in any way you want, from houses to increase population, to stores to sell all sorts of goods, to even world wonders, if you get high enough in level and get enough friends to join you.  As popular as CityVille is, that shouldn’t be too much of a problem.

4. Diamond Dash

Diamond Dash is a Bejeweled Blitz game basically with a colorful panda with a toga on his head added to change things up a bit.  Diamond Dash is developed by Wooga.

3. Words With Friends

The insanely popular game developed by Zynga to be a mobile game as well as a facebook game is still very popular everywhere.  This popular word game gives you and your friends a challenge while being anywhere in the world, instead of sitting in a room together playing a board game.

2. The Sims Social

The popular Sims franchise is a part of facebook too!  Join your friends and build your own world in your own way and experience the best virtual life possible!

1. Bingo Blitz

This isn’t your ordinary Bingo game.  Bingo Blitz, created by Buffalo Studios is meant to be fast paced and bring on “high-action,” however much action you can get in Bingo is beyond me, besides you getting so excited for winning you jump up and whack your elbow or something.


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