Sequel to Kingdoms of Amalur Discussed

Quickly becoming one of the most talked about and popular western RPGs, Kingdoms of Amalur is racking itself up a reputation.  Topping the sales charts in the UK, and getting high scoring reviews across the board, KoA ain’t doin’ too bad.  The game boasts one of the best gameplay systems on the market, and looks like it could rival Skyrim in terms of popularity, but it has the edge of being an original IP that is creating a solid fan base.

kingdoms of amalur

Developers recognize this growing popularity and are already talking sequel.  Speaking with Jimmy Fallon on his late night show, Curt Shilling of 38 Studios said, “Oh yeah!” to the possibility of a sequel to Amalur.  He stated that, “[38 Studios] was built to be something that stays around and becomes huge,” showing that they may want Amalur to be their signature title.  For now, the rumors haven’t been realized any more than what Shilling has expressed as his desire for the direction of the game.  Kingdoms of Amalur was released on February 7th, a little over a week from this publication.


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