JAM Live Music Arcade logoThe power to make music will soon be in your hands.

Coming soon to the Xbox Live Arcade and PlayStation Network, JAM Live Music Arcade will give players a bank of musical instruments and sounds to create their own tunes.

Using the plastic peripherals already available for other music-based games, players can explore musical genres and styles in open jam sessions with little to no pressure on scoring. Fortunately, players can also control the game with the standard controller.

JAM Live Music Arcade builds upon years of our music experience and some of the successes we had with previous iterations of the JAM franchise, but takes it to an entirely new level allowing creative freedom and a closer connection to the music,” said Chad Koehler, vice president of Zivix LLC, the developers of JAM Live Music Arcade. “The world loves music, and this product provides immediate accessibility in a totally new way. If you’re looking to jam out, turn the living room in to a live show and experiment with a near-infinite bank of sounds, effects and rhythms, then this is the experience for you. If you’re interested in a more traditional follow-the-leader type of play, then we’ve included the Arcade Mode just for that purpose. With the great songs and artists we have and the wide variety refreshingly creative different play modes, JAM Live Music Arcade is the breath of fresh air the music gaming genre needs.”

The game is treated like an open-world sandbox, allowing players to create music live. However, for those too intimidated to create their own music,JAM Live Music Arcade will feature over 30 licensed songs to get players started. Licensed tracks include Modest Mouse, Fallout Boy, and Atmosphere. Within these licensed tracks, players will have access to every instrument, allowing for exploration and experimentation in a less-pressured environment.

The game encourages musical growth by giving players a completely open experience. Also, as it will not require the plastic instruments many gamers already own, the entry level for this game is universal.

However, prices and release dates are not available yet. Keep visiting GameTaffy for more news on JAM Live Music Arcade for XBLA and PSN.


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Ben writes for KWCR 88.1 Weber FM, Studio 76, the Signpost, and KSL.com and can be contacted on Twitter (@GameTaffyBen) or at Ben@GameTaffy.com!

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