New Star Trek Game On The Way From Namco Bandai

star trek game, namco bandai

Namco Bandai has announced plans to team up with Paramount pictures in creating Star Trek – The Video Game, set to release in Spring of 2013. This release coincides with the upcoming May 17 debut date for the J.J. Abrams Star Trek sequel. The game is based around the Star Trek universe created in the latest release, Star Trek, from 2009 – most importantly meaning the confirmed absence of Leonard Nimoy in any circumstance.

While this is yet another movie tie-in, the official Star Trek website lays out some details about the way the game will play out, and actually sounds a bit promising:

Designed to provide the ultimate co-op experience, Star Trek – The Video Game will allow players to control both Kirk and Spock, who must work in tandem to stop a familiar and lethal enemy hell-bent on conquering the galaxy. Kirk and Spock grow closer as friends and colleagues in the process, essentially building a bridge between the events of Star Trek (2009) and the sequel.

“Building a bridge” gives me the hope that this title will have more substance than the typical movie-game cash cow. The latest Star Trek game release, Star Trek: D.A.C. for the Xbox Live Arcade and Playstation Network, was also set in the new Abrams universe and received a giant “meh” from the gaming world. Will the new bridge game work? What do you think would make a successful Star Trek game?



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