IMHO: I Have a Man-Crush on Nathan Drake

On behalf of Valentine’s day, GameTaffy would like to express its love for our fans.  You guys rock!  Also in light of the occasion, we would like to express our love for gaming, and why we think it is so sexy.

Humans operate on a need to love and be loved.  Think about it.  What drives every action we take?  It is a deeply rooted need within us to feel appreciated, needed, important, or special; we want to be loved.  Although the effects created in the virtual reality of gaming offer no real substitute for human affection, it does a fantastic job of creating worlds in which we can vicariously emote through the heroes we want to be.

Take Kratos for example.  The popularity of the God of War series stems from remarkably epic fight sequences, intriguing storytelling, and one badass god-killer.  What guy wouldn’t want to be Kratos, and what woman wouldn’t want him?  He fears not even the most impossible of enemies.  He is the epitome of confidence and attraction with a killer ‘bod to boot.  The popularity of the series doesn’t come from the previously mentioned qualities alone, but in big part from Kratos’ character, people’s desire to have that confidence, power, and attraction, and to temporarily experience what it might be like to execute those attributes.

I love you thiiiiiiis much!

Although it may be a bit creepy, I have had a few crushes on virtual characters like Lara Croft, Ada Wong, and Miranda Lawson.  But none of them compare to my man-crush on Nathan Drake.  He has much of the confidence like Kratos, but he has charm and a less narcissistic-rage-filled-hatred, and bloodthirsty desire for revenge–a much more attractive catch, in my opinion.  Again, Nathan Drake is a guy that guys want to be.  He lives a life of action, never stopping for a break unless it’s with a pretty lady, he is confident, and good looking.

You have a... WHAT... on me?

Gaming offers an interactivity with entertainment that is not available through any other medium.  It is not possible to interact with television, a movie, or books in general for example.  Gaming offers power, creativity, and imagination that isn’t possible anywhere else, and that is where the romance of gaming is born.  Romance involves intrigue, mystery, and attraction.  The possibilities presented in our much loved games are continually developing into a wholly immersive experience in which choice carries through the entire experience.  The Mass Effect series is the first of its kind in this regard, where choices made in the very first game carry through to the second and third.  With those kinds of choices, we are on the road to create gaming experiences that are never the same twice, introducing gamers to titles that can never be completed 100%.  How is that not attractive, intriguing, and romantic?

Our love of gaming comes from experiencing life in a way that we never be able to.  I may never captain a space ship, chest burst from a Titan, or hunt treasure in the jungles of South America in real life, but I sure as Hell will in the virtual one.


About Clint Kingsley

Clint is a gaming journalist for PSN ID: K-Train22

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