God of War 4 Revealed in CG Artist LinkedIn Profile

God of War 4

We figured it was coming, but now there's more (kinda) proof!


For a short while, CG Artist David Thornfield, who has worked on titles such as God of War 3 and BLOPS (I just love that acronym), mistakenly revealed for minutes a few titles that are now listed as “Unreleased Games” on his profile page.

David Thornfield LinkedIn, God of War 4

Click to enlargify.

Included in that list was a little game by the name ofGod of War 4.

So yes, the speculation is rather unofficially legitimized, and Thornfield likely has a new-found understanding of how quickly the internet works. This leak comes on top of rumors from Playstation Magazine that a September 2012 release date is in the works, as well. Nothing official has been announced yet, but hey, what’s wrong with a little more hype?

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