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The IMPOSTORS of Gotham City Unite! For free DLC. Yeeeeeessss!

Welcome back to the greatest place for all your latest and greatest gaming content! And some stale jokes, maybe some pie and a watermelon seed spitting contest… We’ll see what time we have.

As a thank you to fans, two days ago Gotham City Impostors announced their first set of DLC will be absolutely FREE! You heard me right. A new map, new weapons, matchmaking fixes and patches, and new costume choices are some of the content being offered for $0.00! This content will be available next month, and should help fix any issues with the games multiplayer but should be a huge improvement. Also mentioned in the article, something you may not have known – Impostors runs on completely dedicated servers, meaning better skill level matchmaking and less latency during online play. Cool. So make sure to check in March for the DLC pack, which did I mention is completely free?!

Activision announced recently that they will be releasing Modern Warfare 3 Content Collection – a super pack of DLC content that was previously only available to Elite members. Not everyone will want to pay to be an Elite member, so this will fill in those blanks, just like the map packs for MW2 and previous titles. The pack should be available in March, keep an eye peeled.

According to a Joystiq article, Mass Effect 3 could be releasing a $10 DLC content pack along with the game on March 6. While this isn’t official, and may very well be some form of weapon or skin or avatar item instead of DLC, it looks as though it is a map pack or add-on of some sort, being that it costed an extra $10. Titled ‘FromDust’, and not to be confused with the Xbox Live Arcade title of the same name, the pack appears on a receipt of a gamer who pre-ordered ME3 at GameStop as if it is a map pack of some sort.

"Please.... Please, I just want some free DLC on March 6th ME3 launch day."

Casey Hudson, director for Mass Effect 3, touched on the popularity and good selling DLC from ME2, explaining that the content for the new game will take place within the timeline of the game, making it seamless and exciting to follow. As I mentioned, no official word from EA yet on this DLC pack being released up front, though it wouldn’t be too big a surprise if the massive game decided to make that decision. I think a DLC reward would be a sales booster if anything.

Last but not least, Magic fans get your swords out and hide your wallet. Seriously, put your money in the bank. Magic: The Gathering – Tactics is completely free to play right now on Steam. We know you don’t get all the cards and tabletop pieces out for original Magic games at home anymore, you’re just too busy with work, and babysitting and such. Check out this awesome deal here.

Thanks for reading, tune in next Monday for new releases, content, gaming, yelling, turkey dinner. We have it all, right here, just for you: at GameTaffy.

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