Awesome Valentine’s Gifts at… Target!

Good news, you don’t have to go out of this world to get some awesome Valentine’s gifts for your nerdy significant other. I was at Target a few days back and came across a section full of Valentine paraphernalia, with a sub-section devoted to the new Star Wars: Episode I re-release in 3D. Go you, Target, for capitalizing on one of the crappiest films in the series in hopes of gathering dollar bills from both kids and dorks alike! Needless to say, I am going to go apeshit on these gifts for my family and HOPE my boyfriend doesn’t see this before Tuesday, otherwise my plan is FOILED.

My personal favorite:

Effing amazing, right? Glittery goodness. I gave these a test-scratch to see if the glitter would rub or flake off (glitter is like the herpes of crafts*), and much to my surprise, it didn’t. For the $12 price tag, I think this is definitely worth it. Extra bonus: the chocolates are totally nut-free, so I don’t have to worry about killing my boyfriend.

*Not my joke. I’m so horribly uncreative.

Another great one:

Ah yes. Nothing like rhinestones and velvet to really turn on your light saber *wink*. This also came in a Yoda, but the Target I went to was all sold out so I couldn’t get a picture. I’m sure this would be a great and easy DIY, if you had some spare velvet (satin, cotton, Tauntaun wool, whatever) and rhinestones. Hell, maybe if I get a decent camera (cough coughBencough cough) I’ll make a post on it.


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