Diablo III Pushed Back Again

diablo iii

The fact that the release of Diablo III has been anticipated for years now is no mystery to the gaming community.  The game was slated for release in March of this year, but a new statement from Blizzard’s Mike Morhaime, reveals that the game is being pushed into the Q2 2012 period.  The game has taken a long time for release because the developers have been weeding out every bug and tweaking the game engine to ensure a quality release, but impatient gamers haven’t been too happy about it.

Most developers don’t have the resources or budget that a company like Blizzard does, and it appears they are making the most of it by giving gamers a–let’s hope–quality release with premium content.  This delay is allowing dev’s to “[implement] changes to the game that … will greatly increase the game experience.”  There is no news on what that content will be added (no DLC please) and any additional gameplay features such as multiplayer are already in development, so it will be interesting to see what they have cooked up.


About Clint Kingsley

Clint is a gaming journalist for GameTaffy.com. PSN ID: K-Train22

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