Double Fine earns $1 million to make a new game in one day!

San Francisco based Double Fine Productions, the developer behind Psychonauts broke several crowdfunding records today in an effort to earn funds to create a new adventure game.  After its project posting, Double Fine was hoping to raise $400,000 dollars within a month.  What they raised instead was $950,000 dollars in one day! 

Using the funding platform Kickstarter, Double fine has as of right now earned $1.3 million dollars, which, according to the site, means that the new adventure game Double Fine wants to create is 329% funded! Not bad huh? This money comes from over 36 thousand backers, all who apparently really want a new point and click adventure game.  To make Double Fines sudden success with this undertaking even more amazing, 2 Player Productions are going to make a documentary about the entire game making process for this new game. They plan on releasing monthly video updates to all the backers who donate $15 or more, to show them every single step it takes to make an awesome video game.  Double Fine will be giving out awards to all who pledge money to the game, like free access to the game and beta once they are released on Steam, access to the documentary videos, and a heck of a lot more if you’re willing to fork over the cash.

To find out more about the awards you can get for pledging, be sure to visit Double Fines web site.  To make a pledge of your own, go to their pledge page on Kickstarter.


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