Nintendog Mascot: Hey, He Looks Familiar

Nintendo sure has a cute mascot in Uggie (the name isn't so cute, though).

Yesterday, Nintendo of America tweeted “Meet Nintendo’s first spokesdog, Uggie! How can you resist those puppy dog eyes?” How can you resist, indeed! When I saw Nintendo’s new mascot (a stunt to garner attention for Nintedogs + Cats), I thought that he looked familiar. It bothered me for a while, which is weird, because, as my wife can tell you, I don’t think about dogs all that often. I’m more of a cat person myself.

While I was browsing Joystiq, I saw the article they have about Uggie. The author pointed out that Uggie stared in the 2011 silent film about silent films titled The Artist, which was written by Michel Hazanavicius. I had the pleasure of seeing it during a trip to L.A. to visit my wife’s parents. And let me tell you, Uggie can act! The rest of the cast are also highly-skilled, but Uggie really stole the show, especially for my wife. If you get a chance, see the movie and support Nintedo’s new mascot.

Source: IMDB, Joystiq, and Nintendo of America’s Twitter account.


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