IMHO: Gamer Girls Aren’t that Special


The typical picture of a gamer in the eyes of a non-gamer is a pimply-faced, obese, introverted, depressed adult or teenage boy sitting in the basement of their mother’s house crying and using the tears as lube as he watches censored Japanese pornography. The same might be said for the women gamers.

I work in a very male-dominated field, and it makes me feel awesome to know I’m competing and winning against guys to get into medical school, so I can see why softcore gamer girls want to feel “special” and “entitled” when playing an online game. The fact of the matter is we are NOT the minority anymore; A survey conducted in 2011 by Harris Interactive showed that over half of online gamers are female. That’s right – The asshole who shot you in the ankle in Call of Duty is most likely a chick. With boobs. And estrogen. And a working vagina. *OMG*. Let’s take another look at what the typical picture of a gamer looks like… Pimply-faced, overweight, sexless, introverted, depressed, unibrow… Yeah. I need to get that image out of my head. Actually, more than half of these gamer women are in a serious relationship and 64% are over the age of 35. Crazy shit, right?

On the other hand, the exploitation of videogames in order to gain attraction from the opposite sex just pains me. I see this a lot on the Internet, with adorable Facebook pictures of a hot girl holding an Xbox controller with her boobs and the caption “Off to play Resident Evil! HMU!” Maybe it’s my own sense of “entitlement” causing my extreme hatred for my own sex, because I actually game and have some semblance of knowledge when it comes to the business and technological aspects of the videogame world.

Maybe I’ll touch on this again later with a Part II, but I’m late for class. If anyone asks, I went into a diabetic blackout.


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  1. “A survey conducted in 2011 by Harris Interactive showed that over half of online gamers are female”. Over half? I doubt that… Unless that survey was done in person, where the persons sex was marked down by someone else, I think this survey is skewed. How many people have I “met” that claim to be girls on MMOs? Mostly everyone actually… If you claim to be a girl, you will get more attention and given a bunch of free shit. I have done this… it works. I don’t think very many girls would be that excited by another girl playing.

    I am happy the field is becoming more balanced gender-wise, though. Maybe I will sound like a typical nerdy guy, but having someone to share in your passion (of gaming, or anything else) is amazing. “More than half of these gamer women are in a serious relationship”, now this I wouldn’t doubt. It is obviously easier for a women to find a guy in the gaming world, than it is for a guy to find a girl.

    I also look at the male/female ratio in the Computer Science department. Here… there are about 10 girls… over 600 guys. Ok, maybe I am exaggerating a bit, but spend some time in the CS building at Weber, and you will notice that there is a serious lack of females. Considering the CS department is the department for game development, and there are even fewer females going into that, I doubt the gaming field for MMO’s has reached the 50-50 state yet…

    However, I do understand and agree with the point of this article, and hope the field becomes more gender-independent.

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