Chaseme Weekly Digital Content

Second month of the year and already tons of new games coming out and digital content to watch out for!

Final Fantasy XIII-2 and Mass Effect 3 might be very different games, but both of the popular and lengthy RPGs have one thing in common; you can integrate your game with Facebook. As if you didn’t get enough Facebook and/or gaming time separate from each other, now you can do both at once! Sort of. ME3 will only apply to the Xbox 360 through this Facebook integration because of the Kinect being the portal in doing so. However, it will have more unlockables – you can get DLC, gear, and avatar items by completing missions and the like. The Final Fantasy Facebook app allows users to track their progress, show party statistics such as items, stats, characters, monsters collected, and battle points. Both should be fun if you’re interested in progressing your already massive amounts of time-loss associated with your favorite game!

While on the topic of Mass Effect 3, the demo for the game offers Xbox owners full Xbox Live Gold access, for a limited time. This means single and multiplayer content, for those of you who aren’t going to be at your retailer on the ME3 release date (which is March 6th by the way) so try that demo when you have some free time to download it. Yes, this means put down the cookies, stop watching Adult Swim, and download the demo for a few minutes. Not hard!

Crackle, a streaming app that offers hundreds of online movies and tv shows for free, is now available for download on Xbox Live. Not sure how big of a Netflix user you are, but I can, at any given time, find anywhere from seven to ten friends on average who are using Netflix on their Xbox. I assume with that kind of popularity, apps like Hulu and Crackle will become more and more popular, as everyone has their own preferences. Another similar app, CinemaNow, is also now available on Xbox Live. CinemaNow is a paid app, so it definitely won’t be as appealing, but the features and options are more expansive and may be worth the extra payments to use.

PC owners, get excited! Well, creative PC owners who like map editors, anyway.
The Elder Scrolls Facebook page posted recently that, available tomorrow Feb. 7th, Skyrim Creation Kit for PC will be released. And more importantly, they added that a ‘surprise’ will be included. This Creation Kit will allow Skyrim users to really edit and mod the game to their liking, basically allowing players to create their own version of the game. It will be incredible to see what can be done with the code at your fingertips.

Last but not least, Sony has announced the major merge of their networks. To unify all of their services, they are re-branding all Playstation Network accounts as Sony Entertainment Network. Much like a LIVE login account for MSN, Hotmail, and Xbox, this SEN account login will act as a global login for any Playstation or Sony Network user. The goal is to bring unity to the services, and the multiple Sony devices, such as where they can be accessed. Sony stated that “By changing the name ‘PlayStation Network account’ to ‘Sony Entertainment Network account’, helps clarify the unity between PSN and other Sony Entertainment Network services. Users can enjoy the same services continuously without being required to change their username and password.” Keep an eye out for this big change, but essentially, logging in and out for any Playstation or Sony device will become easier, as will the services and ways to access products/store items.

That’s it for this week, tune in for all your digital news next Monday!

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