Mass Effect 3 Multiplayer Trailer

This new trailer for Mass Effect 3 gives a hint into how multiplayer is going to work for Mass Effect 3.  I remember how on the show we were all upset thinking the multiplayer was going to be all of our Shepards fighting together or something to that effect.  Well lucky for us the Mass Effect multiplayer will not be that way at all.  It appears that you can play any race and any character type in the special forces multiplayer.  This trailer shows a group of allies fighting husks, geth, Cerberus and all manner of indoctrinated type beasts.  The multiplayer looks far more promising that it did before I saw this trailer.  If you pause the trailer a few times as well, you can take a peek at the abilities you will have for the different character types.  Soldiers can use grenades, Vanguards have a lift grenade (or pull grenade, I dont know if BioWare is trying to bring back the lift ability for biotics), and it looks like each race will have a different ability for their character type as well.  Near the end you see a krogan soldier with a carnage ability.  Personally I’m glad that BioWare is expanding the Mass Effect world to bring a different perspective to the fight to save the galaxy.  It’s nice to know that there are more people in the galaxy than just Shepard and his team who are fighting to destroy the Reapers and save all sentient races from certain destruction.


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