GameTaffy Would Like to Apologize to David Jaffe

After publishing an admittedly poorly-titled editorial about David Jaffe and listening to the anger of many Twisted Metal fans, I would like to apologize for comments made about David Jaffe, Sony, and Twisted Metal. is strongly opposed to Online Passes in any shape or form, as they are a way to fight piracy by attacking those who are not pirates. At the writing of the article, my intention was to draw attention to another situation where gamers are punished for trying to save money.

However, calling David Jaffe a sell-out creator was wrong. As a fan of God of War, I know the creative genius of Jaffe. His job is to make games that are awesome and enjoyable. Sony’s job is to be sure to follow their policy for any game they publish. If Sony wants an Online Pass, they are the wrongdoers, not Jaffe.

I never contacted Jaffe before writing and publishing my editorial. In the future, I will contact the subject of the author to get all sides of a story and avoid opinionated claims. firmly stands behind its opinion that Online Passes are criminal and will continue to report and encourage discussion about this issue. However, the Online Pass is something created by and for the benefit of publishers. Calling developers sell outs for following orders is wrong, and I accept that.

We hope that Jaffe and his fans will forgive us, and I hope that we can get past this issue in the future.


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Ben writes for KWCR 88.1 Weber FM, Studio 76, the Signpost, and and can be contacted on Twitter (@GameTaffyBen) or at!

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  1. I’m sorry but it makes me cringe to see such a sincere apology to a man that blows his top so easily. I admit to having a biased towards him after seeing his cruel behavior towards Gary during his interview at Pax. Jaffe seriously needs to be a little more adult, and stop pointing fingers at someone elses professional skills, while going on about it in an unprofessional manner. He could have easily defended and explained himself without turning himself into a self-righteous Dick. The mans head is so stuck up his own ass that he cant tell where all the hostility comes from. I’m sorry you guys had to experience first hand along with those who blindly worship him only because of his talents.

    • I appreciate your comments and hope you continue to visit this site. That said, the title is what I apologize for. Name-calling is neither mature or intelligent, and as a point of reference, I started it, so I ended it. Jaffe never acknowledged the apology (neither did most of the Internet, mind you), but that’s neither here nor there. Personally, I stand by my beliefs that gamers need a champion on the Online Pass front, and I will support anyone who fights tooth and nail against publishers who greedily suck every dime out of players.

      My apology is not for directing attention to the Online Pass or the sense that gamers should feel betrayed that they lost someone they thought would fight for them. My apology is for being amateur.

  2. dont sweat it Jaffe love you!

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