Chaseme Digital Weekly!

What’s new in the digital world of gaming? I will tell you what’s new in digital gaming! GRRRRRR!
I’m normal now, promise.

Ubisoft’s stunning sandbox god-game “From Dust” is 67% off the original price for download on Steam! Offer ends on the 26th though, so jump on it. Honestly, you can move the elements around in this game, just buy it for full price if you don’t catch the deal. I absolutely love this very original Arcade title.

Warhammer 40,000: Space Marine will have new DLC titled “The Dreadnought” available for $10 as of Jan. 24th. And in case you missed it, the Chaos Unleashed DLC for the same game was released in December; the pack offers some single player that offers the role of a Chaos Space Marine, battling both the Ork and Imperial Guard. Chaos Unleashed also includes a Capture the Flag mode that’s available for all players who download.

Calling all Xbox owners: Microsoft is holding a contest to win a trip to Los Angeles and tickets to a taping of G4’s “Attack of the Show” in the Underworld Awakening Xbox LIVE All-Nighter Sweepstakes. Enter the contest here, or sign in on your console and find the Underworld Awakening All-Nighter app!

Last but not least, news of Microsoft abandoning their Microsoft Points (the points system used for purchasing) used for Xbox Live, Zune, and Windows Phones, has been announced! I know you were hoping to keep confusing yourself when ready to purchase something in points, but they’ve finally decided to convert everything to real world currency; you’ll be reading it as normal now – dollars, pounds, euros, rupees, gold, gil, corn, whatever you are accustomed to! Microsoft hasn’t officially announced anything yet, but apparently developers are being told to brace and be ready for the change made in late 2012 timeframe, though we may see it sooner.

That’s it for today, tune in next week here at GameTaffy to find out what’s going on and who to hunt down when the server shuts down on you while you’re playing Castle Crashers.


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