Oil Rush: Tower Defense Naval Warfare

As you can see in this image, water and unit textures in Oil Rush are gorgeous.

If you haven’t ever heard about Unigine, you probably aren’t the only one. Unigine is both a game developer and a game engine developer. To be exact, they created the new Unigine game engine. In order to show off just what the new engine is capable of (OK, I’ll stop with all the ‘gine words), the company developed Oil Rush.

Oil Rush looks beautiful and the gameplay seems smooth and well-balanced. You snag this tower defense meets naval warfare game for $19.99 on Steam, Desura, or at the Unigine Online Store as of the 25th (yesterday, for those of you who don’t like numbers). If you’re more into single-player games, you’re in luck — there is a complete single-player campaign. Alternatively, if you enjoy slaughtering your enemies in a waterworld-esque setting (maybe you just have a thing for Kevin Costner in Waterworld), then there is online play through Steam, LAN, and the in-game client.

Any way you look at it, Oil Rush appears to be a solid strategy game that also happens to look pretty. In other words, strategy fans should check it out.

It's clear from this image that Oil Rush can be beautiful.


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