Nice Guys Finish Last! …Sometimes.

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Blizzard is watching you...

So, it’s no secret that there are millions of cheaters out there. Hell, you’re probably one yourself. Don’t look at me like that.

With the increase in online gaming popularity and MMO’s, you don’t need to be an expert gamer to realize that there will be some really, really good players. Good meaning having skill – not whoever runs to the shotgun the fastest. And with the good players, in flood the noobs. Oh the horror.

Does that mean we should cheat? Nope. I played the original StarCraft religiously, back in the day. I can easily say that the number of cheaters went up every year that I played. I used to have a ‘hackfinder’ program, telling me who cheated in a match, and who did not. It statistically broke down the game and explained how amazing I did, and how terrible my cheating opponents were.

modern warfare 3, mw3, cod, call of duty, mw3 ban, call of duty 5000 days

5,000 days is 13.7 years. Most COD players can't put it down for 13.7 hours.

The original StarCraft is a dying game (tear) and I notice that newer games like StarCraft 2 and most first person shooters, seem to have pretty decent servers and the banhammer coming from most developers is becoming an overall success. Blizzard Entertainment banned and suspended 5,000 cheaters way back in 2010, and has continued undermining those who won’t play by the rules since. Not every ban is published or posted on their site, but Blizzard and many other developers (and Xbox Live + PSN) are constantly working to stop those who cheat from desecrating their games. Yet, cheaters are on the lookout for ways around the system.

Infinity Ward tweeted that they, too, had issued at least 1,600 bans. They encouraged players to continue to report players, which is, truly, the quick and easy way for the big guns to find out who is cheating and who isn’t. Just made a video of a cheater in Reach? Send it to somebody at 343 Industries, or Xbox Live. Played a match on StarCraft where 10 Battlecruisers take out your base in the first 3 minutes of the game? Contact Blizzard!

A simple email stating a person’s gamertag and that you think they’re cheating will be enough. Any time you’re suspicious on Xbox, report someone as cheating. Don’t report every player who is just too good and can beat you, but if you have a reason, why not try to make the gaming world a better place?

Also stop putting Hotels on your Monopoly squares at family game night. Nobody wants to see you grow up and start embezzling money from your place of work…. you dirty crook, you.


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