Next Xbox May Not Allow Used Games; Blu-Ray and New Kinect Rumored

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Microsoft's new console could contain a huge slap in the face to consumers.

A credible source has informed Kotaku of even further details about the rumored Xbox 720.

According to what is being called a “credible source”, Microsoft will be hopping on board with the Blu-Ray wave, as well as launching a new version of the Kinect along with the console release.

The new Kinect is speculated to include an on-board processor that would allow the device to track the user’s movements much more effectively. Blu-Ray compatibility — a staple of the PS3 since its initial launch — would enable Microsoft to assert the Xbox as the standalone living room device that its been focused on creating for the last three years. This stands atop of claims that a processor 8x powerful than the one found in the Xbox 360 will be used in the new console, as well. (As discussed in this week’s Show)

The biggest story coming out of these latest whispers, however, comes in the form of a potential used games “firewall” being built into the new console.

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As long as we are accepting it, it won't get any better.

According to one “reliable industry source”, Microsoft plans to build some sort of detection system into the 720 that would allow it to detect whether or not the game had been played on a different console. Much like an online pass, this would either prevent people from accessing certain parts of a used game, or stop them from playing it altogether.

While this is still speculation and far from an official announcement, there is a certain level of credibility to be found here. Publishers have been at war with used game sales for years, and this seems like the next logical step towards nearly forcing consumers to purchase titles at shelf price.

If these rumors end up being true, will you still purchase this new Microsoft console?


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