KOOZAC Coming to iOS and Android

KooZac iconIn the mid-90s, I had an argument with some of my friends over whether or not any new puzzle games could be created for video games. At the time, everyone was playing Tetris, Minesweeper, or Myst, and all other games seemed to build on these ideas.

While KooZac may combine other puzzle games, this mix makes it unique. And recently, Square Enix announced that it obtained distribution rights for the critically acclaimed puzzle game and plans to port it to iOS and Android smart phones and tablets.

The game mixes Tetris with Sudoku, challenging players to create specific stacks of colored blocks in order to clear a level. The game will feature three modes: Puzzle (containing 60 levels), Blitz (an one-minute challenge which can sync with Facebook), and Endless (a game with no time limit or specific challenge).

Expect this game for iOS and Android early this year.

KooZac screen 1KooZac screen 2KooZac screen 3KooZac screen 4KooZac screen 5KooZac screen 6


About Ben Davis

Ben writes for KWCR 88.1 Weber FM, Studio 76, the Signpost, and KSL.com and can be contacted on Twitter (@GameTaffyBen) or at Ben@GameTaffy.com!

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