No Hope Left… For Sobriety, that is

I don’t know what it is, but I am on a serious Resident Evil kick. With the brand new trailer released for the upcoming Resident Evil 6, coming out November 20th of this year (two days after my mom’s birthday, whoop whoop!) I have mixed up the berfect peverage to accompany you on the lonely nights awaiting the release of a (hopefully) amazing game.

I googled “Resident Evil 6” in hopes of finding a cool picture to put here ’cause I forgot to take pictures when making this drink, so here ya go.

I give you, the Zombeer.

Take a pint of your favorite cheap beer and pour it into a glass.

Take a shot glass and fill it with Sambuca. Then, take a lighter and set it on fire. Now, it will take a second to warm up, but trust me. Sambuca is like gasoline and magnesium mixed into a nice, licorice-y, slightly viscous fluid.

Pour a bit of Kahlua or Bailey’s (any “heavy” spirit will do) and pour it down the side of the beer glass. If things go right and you don’t totally screw it up, the liqueur will sink to the bottom and create a lovely base for our shot to go into.

Obviously, take your flaming shot of Sambuca, drop it into the glass, and CHUG. As you drink it, you feel all the combinations of different flavors from the differing densities and fire. Burp flames. Fight zombies.


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  1. “Pour a bit of Kahlua or Bailey’s (any “heavy” spirit will do) and pour it down the side” God Bella, you’re such a fucking idiot

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